Feast for Four and half

It goes without saying that holidays are the hardest part of living so far from home and family. We have been pretty lucky so far in that we have either had family in town or made it home for most of the major holidays or at least shortly after. Not so this year.

Bret is scheduled to work Thanksgiving and none of our family could make it out this year. Although I'm a little disheartened I am determined to still have a wonderful holiday with just Bret and the kids. The cooking doesn't intimidate me. I love to cook and there is something comforting in making the recipes that our families all make too. I will be scaling back what all is made just a little (even I have a few limits at 35 weeks pregnant..lol).

It feels weird though trying to pair down what will be made. Bret and the kids love sweet potatoes and I don't. At least since I will be doing all of the cooking I can choose to add something that I want. We will have one pie (pumpkin...we voted), homemade rolls, turkey, stuffing, and various vegetables and sides.

Food aside it will still be strange to spend the day at home with the kids by myself. We plan to make a trip into the hospital early in the day to spend some time with Bret. The kids will still do their Thanksgiving Day craft (last year we made turkey headbands and the year before turkey place cards). We will still eat until we can't breath and have leftovers for days. We will call and wish family members a blessed day. Most importantly we will thank the Lord for all of the many blessings in our lives.

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Randi said...

we are going it solo this year too. My sister was supposed to come but tickets were too expensive. In the past, we've hosted for other families who didn't have family. Most of our church is staying here so that isn't a need this year.

It will be odd, but we have much to be thankful for so I'm going to focus on that as well!