Parties, parades, and Trick 'Or Treating OH MY!

Holidays took on new meanings when our children started to attend school. Besides the holiday itself you also have to add in school parties and treats. I am hopeful that Bret and I are not the only parents in the world that tend to leave some of these tasks to the last minute.

Last night was spend assembling treats for both Emily and Palmer's classmates. I tried really hard this year to not just give a bag of candy to the kids. They get so much candy I wanted to do something a little different yet cheap. So I went to the good old king of cheap...Oriental Trading. I get coupons from them all the time and some of them are really good. With a decent discount and free shipping I was able to procure treats for the kids' classroom friends for less than a couple bags of candy (which is the minimum it would probably take). In the goody bags this year (which btw the goody bags were ordered too and they are super cute pumpkin, ghost, and Frankenstein mini 4 in bags with google eyes) are Halloween stamps, Halloween pad of paper, and a candy bracelet. By the reaction of my kids I think they are going to be a big hit.

Besides the goodies we are also signed up to bring apple cider for the party. Tonight I have to put the finishing touches on Emily's costume and get everything ready to go for tomorrow. The kids are excited for their school parade and parties tomorrow and I can't wait to see them too. The little ones are so cute in their costumes. Unfortunately this year Bret can't make it to the parade because his residency program is having a retreat. I am hopeful that they get done early and he can catch the end of it but with his job I never try and get my hopes up (or the kids'). Saturday is full of activities and on Sunday I plan to relax.

As much as I enjoy Halloween I will be glad when this weekend is over. Only 9 weeks (or so) until the baby comes and I am starting to get anxious.

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