Lot's of people have asked me if I regret not finding out the sex of our baby. I don't....well except one minor detail. We don't have any names. Coming up with a name is always such a hard decision and now that we have to come up with both a boy and a girl name it seems pretty overwhelming. When I say have we have no names I don't mean that we can't agree or narrow it down. I mean we don't even have a list of possibilities.

Emily was a name that was always at the top of our list. In fact so was Grace as a middle name. We talked a lot about the fact that Emily was a very common name for her generation but in the end we didn't care. Emily Grace was her name and although we didn't really make it official until she came I always kind of hung on to that name knowing that eventually all others would be ruled out.

Palmer's name was a Bret thing. I have no idea where he even heard it but once it got in his head it stuck. It took nine months for it to grow on me but in the end I liked it. I like the fact that it's different but not weird or hard to spell/pronounce.

In discussions about this baby's name we have found that there is nothing similar about Emily & Palmer's name yet they seem to go together OK. We kind of like the last name as a first name idea and we like some older names. We have extensively gone through the list of older family member names and still draw a blank. Here are some of the family names that we have to choose from...lol.

Leonard Harlan
George Alan
Frances Ann

Granted I picked some of the worst but these are our grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Bret has 3 uncle Elmer's.

Bret's mom's name is Rosalee and I love Rose for a middle name. In fact had pretty much set on that until one day Bret's younger sister asked to use that middle name for her first daughter. It's her mother what was I supposed to say? We have some time yet (what like 13 weeks...yikes!) but it would still make me feel lots better if we had it narrowed down just a little.


Randi said...

Not finding out the gender has def. made name choosing harder. Robb and I knew what Natalie's name was before we found out she was a girl, when they said girl, we thought of her as Natalie. With Alexis, we were told girl and spent the next 24 hours going through Baby name books until we had her name picked out (middle name was chosen by birth mom). Both pretty easy. With this baby, we are almost a week out and don't have a name. I think we might have a boy name, and we have 3 possible girl names but it's been very hard!

ScotchTapedPrincess said...

Ahh yes. ROSE...fabulous name for fabulous people!!! :D