My mom

Today is my mom's birthday.

They say that when you become a mother yourself you appreciate your own mother more. Not only do I appreciate her so much more but I understand her better.

I understand why she did or didn't do the things that she did or didn't do. I understand her constant worry over everything. I understand her motives, her reasoning, and her thoughts better than I ever did as a child or even a young adult. I understand her heart.

My mom was never perfect. No mom ever is. Our family was different...she was different. Growing up is a constant struggle to fit in and that was a monumental challenge in my family. Her traditions, accent, culture, and beliefs stood out and was a constant source of rebellion for most of my childhood. It wasn't until I moved out and away to college that my mom and I were able to redefine our relationship. We went from constant fighting to a much more laid back and comfortable friendship. We went from barely being able to stay in the same room with each other without screaming to talking almost daily on the phone. Moving away has been hard but missing my mom has been the hardest part.

This past year my mom has become a strong and independent woman. Jokingly she once told me that after raising me nothing seemed impossible. I am so proud of her. I am so sorry for the heartache and stress I put her through. The good news is that after her first grandchild was born all was forgiven in an instant. Her grandkids are her greatest joy. Unfortunately as I see Emily's personality (read: stubborn, drama, etc) continue to develop I know that what comes around goes around.

Happy Birthday mom! I love you a lot and thank for everything.


LegalMist said...

So sweet... and I know exactly what you mean. As soon as my daughter was born, it was like I had an epiphany. All of a sudden I understood how my mom felt, and I felt terrible for all I put her through when I was a rebellious teenager...

As you said, I'm sure I've got it coming right back at me, and soon!

Randi said...

Perfectly written!

It reads very similar to my story with my mom. I've found the more kids I have the more I'm in awe of my mom (she had 5 before she was 29).