Pulling your weight

Dear Bret,

I was going to write this letter to you yesterday but realized I was still pretty ticked off and didn't want this letter to come off as "bitchy". Instead I just wanted to remind you of a couple of things and make a few requests.

Please don't make me be your mom. Nothing against MIL but I have two small children already that need constant reminders of what they need to be doing around the house. You are an adult and should not need me to constantly ask you to put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, take out the trash when it is full, or to change Lulu's cage when you can smell it the moment you walk in the door. At least helping cook dinner a few nights a week and doing the kids' bath time/bedtime routine once in a while is not too much to ask. In the 6+ years that we have been married there has always been an unstated agreement between the two of us as to what your part of "helping around the house" meant. Nothing has changed.

You doing these things after me asking you three times and finally getting upset is not "you helping around the house" and I am tired of constantly nagging. I have not once in the three times that I have been pregnant used my pregnancy as an excuse but it would be nice if you didn't act like going downstairs and carrying the clean laundry that I just washed upstairs so that I can fold and put it away was the biggest inconvenience of your day.

I almost cried the other day I was so happy to come home to a clean house when I had to work and you had the day off. I won't point out that it was the first time you have done the dishes (since we don't have a dishwasher) since we have moved to PA because I am just thrilled that you took the time to do it not because you wanted it to be clean (cause that will never happen) but because you knew it would make me happy.

I know that I have been a little *ahem* sensitive about oh, everything the last few weeks (remember the acorn?) but things at home would be a little less stressful for me if you could try and help (just the normal amount...no need to over do it) out around the house.




Anonymous said...

I hear ya. Some times my hubby drives me NuTs...but it's all forgiven when there's a clean house involved!

LegalMist said...

Reminds me of a joke: A very well-built, sexy-looking man walks into a bar, spies a gorgeous woman sitting at a table alone, and sits across from her. He says, with a sultry and suggestive tone, "For just $100, I will do *anything* you ask, if you can say it in three words or fewer, baby." She asks, "Really? Anything?" He winks and grins and says, "Yes, anything you like, but you have to ask for it with only three words." She whips out $100 and says, "Clean. My. House."