Coughin Fall In

With the drop in temperature and the change of the leaves also comes the inevitable cold and flu season. With two kids in daycare, Bret working at the hospital, and me working at a college we are constantly exposed to just about everything you can think about that might be passed around.

Just over a week ago I started waking up with a slightly sore throat which turned into a cough which turned into a full blown cold over the weekend when we were back in KS. Someone once told me that stress, lack of sleep, etc only exaggerates your symptoms because your immune system is not up to par to begin with. As I am just now finally starting to see some relief I totally believe them. Emily was feeling a lesser effect of the same cold about the same time as I was.

So of course as it always goes we so lovingly have shared our fun experience with Bret and Palmer. So starting on about Monday Bret started to get some of the same things I was just starting to get over. By last night you would have thought he had something much much worse. I am not sure if he just has a weaker immune system or if it's just his ability to deal with being sick but the poor baby thought he was just dying last night. It's hard to have sympathy. Bret doesn't necessarily look for "sympathy" more like he wants a pass. He doesn't feel good so he can't manage helping with dinner, clean up, watching the kids, or helping with the bed time routine. Wait...where was my pass?

The one thing I hated most about staying home with the kids was that there were no "sick days" for mom. No matter how hard I begged Bret to stay home a couple of times when I was really sick (read stomach flu) he wouldn't/couldn't and I was stuck trying to take care of the kids anyways. Now that the kids are in daycare if I'm really sick I can leave them there during the day and actually take a sick day at home to rest and recoup.

As much as I love my husband and I know that there are lots of things that he is much better at or can handle better but being sick or in pain is definitely not one of them. Bret knows this too. We laughed the other day when we were talking about dealing with kidney stones. Bret was upfront about the fact that he would have been in the hospital pronto and hooked up the most powerful pain killers allowed. So instead I am relieved that my cold is going away finally and am very hopeful that Bret's won't stick around for quite as long (I'm not sure I could take it either:).

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Anonymous said...

I don't know who the bigger baby is about being sick, me or Matt, because we haven't been together long enough to really tell. I do know, however, if I am grumpy or tired, I'm the first one to cop out of doing dinner or washing dishes. At least for the moment, I'll always wake up and do it the morning. Matt is really good, though, about taking care of me when I feel like crap. And, reflecting, I'm somewhat good at taking care of him, but he tends to not complain as much. :)