Catch-up weekend

Although I'm not usually a big fan of Bret working on the weekends every now and then I really don't mind it that much. Why you ask?

Mostly it's because it gives me a chance to get get caught up around the house. I can clean, do laundry, and work on some crafty projects. The nice thing about living in a complex with lots of kids is that the kids are pretty good at self entertaining themselves with each other outside. It's not that when Bret is home I couldn't do these same things but it's different. When he's at work he's kind of out of the way. I appreciate his help when he is home (cause he does usually help...after me nagging at him) but I don't have to worry about what he is doing and to be honest I don't get resentful that he's not doing as much.

There is no better feeling then having a super clean house after the work you put into it. So this weekend is going to be spent at home just getting a few things done. We might take a trip to the orchard and pick apples tomorrow if the weather holds and we have swim lessons tomorrow morning. Otherwise I have no intention of going anywhere and it will be glorious. I have two netflix movies with my name on them for when the kids go to bed and a new book just waiting to be delved into. Not to mention I love the weather this time of year and the freshness of the house from having the windows open. I may even make bread this weekend. Is it five o'clock yet?


Darci said...

this sounds like a great weekend! it will be 5 there before it is here...lucky =)

Caroline said...

You can come to my house next weekend if you want :)

We have been spending our time making a playroom in the basement for the kids. I'll post pictures when it is all done.

Have a good week.

Adriana said...

Caroline I am totally jealous. I watch these DIY tutorials for playrooms and can't wait until we have a house. Only a few more years. Can't wait to see pictures!