KS Dreaming

I had a dream last night that last Thursday night Bret and I decided at the last minute to book me a one way ticket home from KS for yesterday. That meant I would of had to call in sick on Monday.

In this dream I got to drive home with my husband and kids (so that he didn't have to drive back by himself. We had a safe and relatively uneventful trip back. We stayed with some family friends in Tipton and spent a glorious day at the infamous Tipton church picnic with Bret's immediate family.

On Sunday (in my dream of course) we went and spent the day at the lake (after stopping to pick up just a couple more famous Tipton church picnic burgers). I got a little sun burnt, Bret and the kids had a blast on the jet skis, and relaxation was had by all. Late that afternoon I (in my dream) rode back with his sister who met my sister on the highway to take me back to my mom's. After a quiet dinner at home and going through some stuff that had been stored there we headed off to bed. The next morning I had breakfast with my dad and sister. Then we went and visited my aging grandmother who was quick to correct me that she was born in 1918 and is only 91. In my dream she had failed much since I saw her last about a month ago but was much better than a few weeks ago when my sister had last seen her. I then went to the airport and took a flight home arriving back in my bed about 1 am this morning.

This morning when I woke up from this dream I was still tired but felt that the weekend was well worth calling in sick for in the dream at least. The kids, Bret, and my mother in law will be back in town during the early hours of the morning on Sunday and I miss them a ton already but I know they are having a great time.

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