Getting things Done

There is no better feeling than getting things done. Bret likes to joke that one of the reasons I love to create lists is the satisfaction of crossing completed items off of it.

The last few weeks our house has been a disaster. We have been sorting through our storage unit and organizing everything. We have made piles (sell, get rid of, and put back) and slowly dwindled those piles. We have rearranged our bedroom to accommodate the baby's crib and changing table. We have sorting through baby things galore.

Some would say we are crazy...in fact at first Bret was in that same boat. However, please know that I know how much time we have until the baby comes (18 weeks). Most of this time is the holiday season and part of Bret's two worst rotations. The weather will get worst, school and outside activities will increase, and saying that we are going to be busy isn't even the half of it. Bret and I are renowned procrastinators. We always are hurrying frantically at the last minute to try and get things done. I don't like that feeling and am really trying to turn over a new leaf. Not just because it is a good thing to get done but because we have to.

My determination seems to be contagious as we are very close to be done..for now. Our bedroom is 85% complete. The baby furniture needs to be cleaned and touched up some how, we need a night stand, and I plan to make a floating headboard. The rest of the house is clean and laundry is completely caught up. Tubs of newborn clothes have all been sorted and labeled. We have a few purchases to make but otherwise are pretty much ready for the new arrival. Last night while Bret was working on a presentation for work I watched a youtube video and learned how to crochet a baby cap. The first try was OK but too small but the second turned out awesome.

It felt so good to know that we have accomplished a lot lately. Bret, however, has insisted that next weekend we do something fun. Camping maybe? We will see.

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Darci said...

lists are the best. sometimes i like to write, "make list" on my list so i have something to cross off