Left Behind

Tomorrow Bret is picking up the kids from daycare and the three of them are heading to KS....without me. This morning I for the first few minutes before I was really awake thought that today was Friday. I then thought about this weekend. I have nothing to do.

For years now my weekends have revolved around Bret and the kids. Who am I kidding..my whole life revolved around them. That's not say that I didn't have things to do too. I did but part of my plans always included what I was going to do with them during that time.

I hate not going with them...I HATE not going. I don't know when I will get back to KS and I am a little homesick. I am also green with envy that they are going to the church picnic and going to eat the best hamburgers on the planet. They are also planning a short trip to Bret's uncle Paul's cabin in Colorado. I have been trying to think for weeks how I could get out of work and go with them. I have thought about calling in sick, threatening to quit, you name it. However, my work ethic is stronger than that and I need my job (at least until this baby comes).

So instead I try and think of things to keep me busy. I try to look at the bright side of things and honestly if I can make it past this weekend I will be fine. Work really tires me out so I don't worry that the week will go fast. It's just Saturday and Sunday that are looming. The couple that we are closest too is going to be out of town for the whole week as well. I don't know what I am going to do with myself.

I called my only single friend and she has all sort of ideas (shopping, dinner, movies, etc) and that will keep me busy. I also have a ton of baby blankets to get caught up on. I have also been contemplating looking into paint and carpet but just looking into at this point. I am sure the time will pass quickly and I will miss them terribly. It will be good to miss them...I think.

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Caroline said...

I envy YOU :). I would have a blast. I need a break. But yes I would be sad too.
You should defiantly go see some movies, their are so many good ones out.
Where in Kansas are they going? I am in Topeka.