Joys of Potty Training

Last night I was at a neighbor's porch visiting. I saw Emily come up over the hill towards us and Palmer's little head staying closer to our apartment. I hollered for him to come over too as we were enjoying some ice cream. "I'm coming mama" he yelled back.

I was watching and couldn't figure out what was taking him so long and why he couldn't get up the hill. I asked Emily "what's taking Palmer so long"? She shrugged and replied "he can't get his pants up".

I went over to see if that was in fact the case and I found my little 2 year old waddling. In all his glory his underwear and pants were stuck around his ankles with a huge grin on his face. "Mama help...I went potty". I was proud that he had gone inside on his own and made it to the potty chair but it was hard not laugh at his little butt trying to waddle up the hill. Ah the joys of potty training...it could be worse.

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