Tova's Moving Extravaganza

I am the featured story over at Tova's site today! Go see I'll wait.

She asked for stories about moving experiences and boy did she get one...although it wasn't really funny or happy.

The point is that we survived and learned that we will NOT be moving ourselves EVER again. I can look back and laugh now (sort of) and I am not nearly as attached to our things anymore (which is good since I have sold a lot more of it since then).


Kymilue said...

Just read your story! I also moved from KC, MO where I grew up, and lived up till a year ago, and moved my daughters and I to Florida with a UHaul trailer attached to the back of my car. It was a terrifying move, but it was a move that had to be made. I could completely relate to your experience, and yes, laugh at how I was so frightened driving through Tennessee mountains at midnight. I learned that I need take things as they come, and sometimes, no matter how hard I try to prepare, it may not go the way I expected it to. Thank you for your story!

Meandering Mel said...

Holy cow. I hate giving up my stuff. My poor little apartment is bursting at the seams right now with "stuff" and my bf is making me go through everything to make some of the stuff go away. I'm a packrat by nature, and I love my stuff!
(I was the last featured mover - the one coming back from Germany. And my bags were overweight because I, of course!, had to bring everything home with me... Lol)

Jules said...

I'm glad you all made it up there eventually, though not completely!

I told my husband, after his first practice moved us to their city with real movers, that I would never go "back" to the U-Haul again. Soooo spoiled by that!!

Fun post!