In Between

You know how you sometimes look into your closet full of clothes and fell like you have nothing to wear? Me too only it's not because I am bored with the clothes that I have. It's more because nothing fits quite right anymore. I know I know...I am just barely 12 weeks pregnant and already you ask? It's not like I have gained a ton of weight (maybe 2lbs so far). It's more that everything seems to be gravitating towards my midsection AND that midsection doesn't liked to be touched..at all. So even though I can get into most of my dress slacks by mid afternoon they are driving me nuts (since I sit all day) and I start thinking to myself if anyone would notice if I unbuttoned them behind my desk. NO I don't actually do that (cause you never know when a student might walk in or I might forget).

My maternity clothes just look silly cause I'm not that BIG yet. So I am in between and it sucks. I hate going out and spending money on clothes that really will only last a few more weeks maybe a month or two at best. In my own defense I think that when you are pregnant for the second or third time your body goes "hmm...I remember this process oh well might as well let it all go" and boom you are huge immediately. Several people I know swore they were pregnant with twins the second time around cause there was no other explanation for the major expansion of their mid section in just a few short weeks. When in fact the nice little tight muscles (that event the softest of us had) are forever changed and no matter how hard you work will never go back that tight again.

My only salvation so far this summer is some cute elastic waist skirts that I found at Old Navy and Target. I just mix and match the tops and stop caring that my limited wardrobe is quite boring and repetitive. Comfort is now key. BTW just in case you are wondering there will be no belly shots on this blog. Not that I mind belly shots. I think they are great for girls that have cute little bellies (to begin with) while I do not. I have had a cyst and my gall bladder removed, stretch marks, and a lovely c-section (although you can't really see that scar) which makes my belly not so cute.


Cammie said...

congrats on baby #3!! I remember that in between stage where nothing quite fits.
Thanks for popping by yesterday!

Trina said...

I agree with the belly shots.. my whole family wants pictures of my belly.. and well, I'm just not havin it. Congratulations on your 3rd baby! I can't wait to keep up with your progress. Week 12 was a sleepy one for me. Hope you're stayin awake! :)

Bea said...

I feel for you! I didn't like that in between stage (too big for regular clothes, too small for maternity stuff). Have you tried the Bella Band (or other comprable band) before? http://www.ingridandisabel.com/

Right around week 12, it allowed me to have my pants unbuttoned but still covered up by the band.