Busy hands keeps the mind busy

With my mom leaving this weekend and Bret being on nights I have started planning a few projects to keep me busy in the evenings. For my birthday this last year I got a new sewing machine...which I LOVE.

I haven't really put it to much use yet though. I have made some baby blankets and burp clothes and hemmed some pants (cause I'm short) but that is about it. For the longest time I was kind of stuck on what else I could make. See I'm an in between skill leveled crafter. Meaning I like new projects but it has to be something I think I can manage. I have learned (from Halloween costume sewing projects) that I don't enjoy projects that are way over my head skill wise and that don't turn out just right (or least somewhat cute).

So I was browsing through the different etsy shops the other day and I had a light bulb moment. There were tons of projects on there that I felt like I could totally do. Hours searching on the internet and a couple of trips to my favorite craft supply stores and I am set with some fun easy to make projects for the summer.

Project #1: Emily stuff. Her cupcake birthday is coming up and I have been looking around for a cute cupcake outfit for her to wear that day. While looking around online the cutest outfits were simple shirts/tank tops that had an appliqued cupcake on it with the number they are turning. Hello? I didn't get this new machine for something. So I went to a couple different tutorials and I totally think I can manage this. If so the possibilities for other projects are just around the corner. (such as matching onesies/bibs/blankets/burp clothes/etc). To go with this Emily has also been begging for a tutu. This is super simple and cheap so I may just start with this project to get the ball rolling.

My kid is also one of those kids that insists on wearing a dress everyday. So I have found these bolts of fabric that have the stretch tops. I got one of those free fliers from the store on how to sew a simple dress with ribbon straps. I also got instructions on how to make some pillow case dresses as well. If by some miracle I manage to get both of these projects done I saw some super cute cupcake purses that are crocheted using a very simple stitch. I haven't crocheted anything but baby blankets, pot holders, and a pin cushion so I am a little nervous about this project. But hey yarn is cheap and I already had a ton of it to begin with so we shall see.

Project #2 Of course I have to make something for Palmer too. At daycare Palmer takes a nap everyday (Emily used to too but will not have to starting this upcoming year). I hate having to haul both a blanket, sheet, and pillow to daycare every week. So again after browsing online I found the most awesome idea for a nap mat. I has foam for the bedding part, an attached blanket, and built in pillow. Not only that but it rolls up neatly and has a carrying strap. This is a bit more challenging of a project but will totally pay off for years.

If I survive (and finish) these projects there are a million other things I would like to make. What new things are you working on or would like to try to make?

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