Back to Life, Back to Reality

Mom left yesterday. :(

We all miss her but it was in a weird way to have the place back to ourselves. An extra person in a 2 bedroom apartment doesn't leave much private space. I also had some serious catching up to do in my DVR. It's just weird watching True Blood or Weeds with my mom.

The kids went back to school today. Palmer was a little unsure about being left behind but he didn't cry. He has been doing AWESOME at potty training. I mean it is shocking how incredibly well he has done. We have only had 1 accident over the whole weekend. We have still been putting a diaper on him for naps and bed time but he has been dry and makes a bee line straight for the bathroom first thing when he wakes up too. Although we remind him constantly by asking him if he needs to go most of the time he says no and then five minutes later either tells you he has to go or runs off to go by himself.

I am nervous about the transition back to school. I hope that it continues to go well. I felt like I was moving him in with all the crap I took to school for him today on his first day back. Although I am not normally the call to check up on the kids during the day type of mom I will definately be checking in this week.

Emily was excited to head back to school and even more so when her friends came running up to her like she was a rock star. The squeals of her name and seeing her hug her little friends put my worries of her return to rest. Although everyone seems to be adjusting well to routine once again I am super excited to have a 4 day weekend coming up for the holiday.


Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Potty training Palmer before baby #3 comes - wow you are good (and so smart!)

Anonymous said...

Good job potty training! We're trying to potty train the toddler I nanny for...oy!