TAT is back

And people say that peer pressure doesn't work. Totally Awkward Tuesday's is back so head over to Tova's site to check out the awesome stories this week that will give you tears of laughter.

In light of graduation season I will tell you one of our most fun/awkward graduation stories. Two years ago Bret graduated from medical school. It was for both of us one of our proudest days. There were two parts to graduation for medical students, the hooding ceremony with just his medical class, and the actual graduation with the entire University.

The hooding ceremony is very formal and probably the most important part of graduating from medical school. They take famous oath and get their hoods. I get tears in my eyes just remembering how important that night was for us.

So there we were (my parents, his parents, our siblings and their spouses, and of course me, Emily, and Palmer who was only a few months old) electric with excitement as the graduates made their grand entrance into the auditorium. We waved, clapped, and hollered with the best of them as the soon to be doctors made their way to their seats.

The moment that the music stopped, the cheering ceased, and everyone was silently waiting for the speaker to make the first introduction we hear this tiny almost 3 year old girl's loudest voice that she could make holler "DADDY I LIKE YOUR HAT!!!". It echoed in the auditorium and everyone erupted in laughter. Emily had no idea what was so funny but was beaming because her daddy said thanks and waved back to her. At the time I felt a mixture of embarrassment and "who the heck cares it was cute" feeling of euphoria. Bret and I's path was not easy through med school and Emily played a big part in all of it. It was a little reminder of how hard Bret worked at both getting through med school, being a good husband, and sometimes most importantly still being a great dad too.

Congrats to all of the graduates!


Up Rooted said...

That's cute. BTW the link from Tova's blog to yours has issues. It directs you to an error. Ya might want to try to retag your blog.

pj said...

Out of the mouth of babes. Very cute.