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I have mentioned before that one of my all time favorite authors is Jodi Picoult. She is fabulous. Sometimes her books are a little out there but she has a way of just captivating both your heart and your head at the same time. She asks the question "what would so and so do in such and such situation". She stretches your emotions and gives fair time to all sides. She is one of the few authors that writes a book in the many different character's point of view chapter by chapter.

I finished reading her most recent novel, "Handle with Care". It's about a girl who has Osteogenisis Imperfecta (aka Brittle Bone disorder) and her family. To help pay for their medical bills they file a lawsuit against the OB for a wrongful death suit. Wrongful death means that had they been given appropriate medical care they would have been given (and assumedly taken) the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy. One of the many twists in the book is that the OB is actually best friends with the mom filing the suit. Not surprisingly the lawsuit tears the family apart because of the stress and you know saying that you would never have given birth to one of your children had you known.

What I like about this book is the raw emotion of the characters. The mom is the most hated character that I have ever read that really has good intentions. In her heart she feels like she is doing what is best for her family. She really CAN NOT see what is happening to her family in the mean time. Your heart goes out to the family and you wish they had been dealt a different hand in life.

From the middle of the book on I realized that the ending of the book was going to make or break it for me. I am not going to spoil for you the ending but I will say that I was disappointed. Too similar to other book endings I felt like she had already played that card and should have figured something else out. Over all the book was good and I would recommend it to other Picoult fans.

In other news this summer My Sister's Keeper is coming out in the movies. When I saw Jodi speak she talked about the movie. I didn't know this but apparently when an author sells the rights to the movies that means they sold their rights. Authors have no creative say in the movie what so ever. Jodi even went so far as to tell us that she was banned from the set when she found out that they are changing the ending from the way the book ended. Regardless the movie looks awesome and I had tears in my eyes (yes I am that sappy) from the trailer alone. The early word is that this is going to be the tear jerker of the summer so get your hankies ready.


Curly Muse said...

My sisters keeper is incredible. I hate what studio execs do to movies and the authors cannot do anything abou their work- which they sold.

Unrelated to this book, but same thing- I saw Angels and Demons and they really chopped up the plot.

Lins said...

Oh, I love Jodi Picoult! I'm right in the middle of "Change of Heart" and I'm loving it!

Can't wait for "My Sister's Keeper" to hit theaters, I loaned out my copy of the book so my girlfriends can read the book before we see the movie!

kim said...

Sister's Keeper looks awesome, but I wonder how far they will stray from the book. I guess it doesn't really matter, it will be cool to see it in action.

Have you read "the tenth circle?" Not her all time best book, but still really good.

Adriana said...

Curly Muse- I read your review and I was totally bummed. We were going to go see it this weekend but have decided to see Star Trek instead. We both loved the book and were hoping that this movie would be better than the previous one. We will probably wait till it comes out on video. We don't get a babysitter often enough to waste it on a OK movie when there are great ones to see.