I call it Bret

Bret and I were watching Scrubs the other day and it was the episode where they were all in the Caribbean and Turk was frustrated because his wife looked like a mommy and not the smoking hot babe he married when she met him on the beach. I laughed that awkward laugh when you know that it's meant to be funny but yet hits a little closer to home. I noticed the big hat, comfy sun clothes, sun screen, hair up in a pony tail, and of course snacks rather than the dreamy bikini clad head turner he was expecting.

It happened again a few days later as I was watching Sex and the City the movie. Leave it to Samantha to be the wake up call needed for Miranda to realize that she had let herself go in her less than sudle way.

Being a mom is not a glamorous job. Sometimes moms work so hard to make sure that our little ones are presentable that by the time they get themselves ready to go time and energy are not their friend. Sometimes time for waxing, highlights, tanning, mani/pedis take backseat to gymnastics, PTA meetings, birthday parties, and just SLEEP. I will be the first to admit that if I get dinner on the table, dishes washed, kids bathed/read to/and off to bed there isn't much left afterwards on a week night. Weekends are rough because Bret works a lot and there is NO WAY I can take a 4 & 2 year old to sit still and be quiet for the hour plus time needed to have my hair done. We haven't even come to the part about the money.

I was getting ready for work this morning and I had a glaring reminder of my age that refused to cooperate..a gray hair. It's right on the front of my forehead and it is unruly. I have pulled it no less than 10 times and yet it still comes back and grows at an amazing speed. Bret noticed it the other day and said something to me about it. My reply is yes I have named it Bret. He laughed but wanted to know if I also had one for Emily and one for Palmer...no I do not (at least that I have noticed as of yet). I think this was the last little push that I needed to get my butt in gear. If I have to hire a babysitter to find the time (since Bret is working most of the weekend) I will find time to get some much needed spring cleaning done on myself. I think it is exactly what I need to shake off the last of my winter blues that have hanging around.

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Lins said...

Oh. That Bret needs to go. Keep the other one though. There's only room for one Bret around these parts.