Happy Birthday Dr. Incredible

Today is Bret's birthday. The nurses at the hospital nicknamed him Dr. Incredible since the first few days that he started working there. They give him stickers, a Pez dispenser, and they label all of his things using his nickname. I'm not sure why...resemblance? :) No, in all honesty I know better than anyone why you are incredible. Bret and I have been together for 10 years and married for 6 this June. We actually met 10 years ago yesterday and 10 years ago today I fell in love with you. People say that there is no such thing as love at first sight. I am not sure but I do know that there was a reason neither of us wanted to spend a moment apart for the rest of our lives and for the most part we haven't. So without further ado here are the top ten reasons I love you (one for each year we have had so far). Happy Birthday baby!

10. You are fluent in Adrianese. You know that when I tell you "we will talk about it" it means the answer is probably not but I want you to understand why. I can say the same word in three different tones and you know exactly what my mood is. You know that when I ask your opinion (on most things) I usually just want you to agree with me and your ok with that.

9. You are never critical about my home maker skills. Doesn't bother you a bit if the house is a disaster, dinner is take out, the sink is full of dishes, or if you have no clean socks. You appreciate the fact that most of the time you don't have to do these things so who are you to judge. You never once asked me what I did all day when I was staying home with the kids and nothing got done.

8. You don't mind doing the things that I don't like to do. You take out the trash, clean out the fridge, clean the bunny cage, vacuum, wash the pukey clothes/kids/sheets, outside/lawn stuff, and of course anything that needs to be "fixed".

7. You love to "do" things too. Our love to vacation, take day trips, go to the lake, have dinner parties, and go out is so compatible. I know that what ever crazy idea I have you are always up for an adventure.

6. You are thoughtful and compassionate. You try to think about every one's feelings even when that creates more work. I know why people look to you during their most life changing moments both happy and sad. You know just what to say even if that is nothing at all. It takes a special person to bring life into the world and you are one of those people. I am so proud of you.

5. You like things to be fair. You are never afraid of hard work or doing your part but you believe everyone should do their part. If life really was the way you thought it should be it would be a much better place.

4. You never once got angry or upset (or even raised your voice) at me when I wrecked your month old brand new pick up.

3. You were going to give up everything you have worked so hard for because I was not happy. When you struggled through med school you never once used your family as your excuse. Not enough time to study? It was never because of the kids and I in your head even though I know that sometimes it was.

2. You are your kids' hero. Their faces light up when you come home and when you work too much their moods reflect it. In their eyes you can do anything, make anything better, fix everything, and talk mom into anything.

1. Even during our roughest times you have never questioned our marriage or our commitment to each other. Your love, respect, and friendship are my greatest blessings.

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Musings of the Mrs. said...

Wow. Sounds like a great man!