Freaky Friday

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I have a second cousin (my cousin's son) that as a child had the most interesting quality....he talked to ghosts. Not just any ghost but very specifically my grandfather. While there are many stories that I could tell you about his and my grandfather's interactions for my first FF post I will tell you the one that convinced me the most. His interactions had been taking place for a while before this specific situation happened.

My aunt and uncle (his grandparents) were in California for a week visiting their son so my cousin (his mom) was taking turns with her sister in going out and checking on my grandmother who still lived on the family farm by herself. Mind you my grandfather had passed not quite two years before any of this had happened and my cousin was about one when he passed. Any knowledge of my grandfather was unexplainable since he had been so young when he was alive.

So on his mom's night to go visit my grandmother she was not feeling well at all and realized that she was probably coming down with a bad cold. Not wanting to pass it on to my grandmother she told her son that they were not going to be able to go visit GM. The young boy became very upset and started to cry saying that they had to go because he promised GP (that is what we all called my grandpa) that he would be there to visit with him. His mom had told me that she had always felt very torn about how to handle these stories from her young child. He was so set on what was happening that she decided to talk him through it.

She told him that it would be fine because they would go the next day and GP would be there then. The child shook his head no and explained that no, GP would not be there that day because he was going to be with his grandma and grandpa on their way home from CA. The mother explained that his grandparents were not leaving until Saturday (two days later) and that it would be fine for them to visit GM the next day. The child gave in and didn't say anything else about it the rest of the evening. The next day at work his mother received a call from her mom saying that she hadn't been feeling well and they had decided to leave town early and had been on the road for about six hours. They would be home the next day.

True story. I promise to be completely honest about how I heard about a story. If it is something that someone else to me or I read it or whatever I will let you know. Now it's your turn and I can't wait to have chills. Happy Friday!

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