Upcoming V-Day

When we were dating Bret did an AWESOME job of being romantic and trying really hard to make holiday and special occasions something to remember. One year for Valentine's Day he made me a romantic dinner. The funny part was that 1) He didn't know how to cook and had nothing to cook with 2) he lived in a tiny two bedroom apt with a room mate so there was NO space (not much privacy for romance), and 3) they didn't have a table or chairs to eat on.

So it was one of the first occasions in our relationship where I truly started to understand the meaning of "it's the thought that counts". We ate on a makeshift table on his bed and he hand mixed an Oreo no-bake for desert (he had to mix it in a beer pitcher with a spoon because of course he had no mixing bowels let alone a mixer). Over the years our celebration of this holiday has not been anything grand. We have never had any money and it was always a promise that someday when med school and residency and blah blah blah was over I would get beautiful flowers and fancy jewelry for every birthday, v-day, and anniversary. I have grown quite accustomed though to Bret's way of improvising. That's not to say that I didn't get flowers..because I did. It was more the picked up at the market and put in a vase from home and hand delivered type (which I think is way better BTW). Since we moved here my all time favorite has been the Godiva chocolates from the outlet store that is walking distance from our home.

The thing that I love the most from Bret is the cards that he gets me and the notes he writes in them. You have to understand that although Bret is good at sharing his thoughts and always has plenty to say he is NOT the gushy lovey dovey type. "I love you" is more of a response rather than a thought to him and "dinner was good" is one the highest compliments in his book. So when I get a card that says something like "I love you and I couldn't have made it without you" or "thanks for loving me" or my favorite "I will always love" and "I didn't know I could love you any more than I already did but I do" you may think it's not much but to me it's everything.

So this year the last few months have been tough on both of us. We haven't had a moment to think let alone appreciate each other. With the holidays, nights and then a days rotation, sick kids, and then surgery we are barely keeping our heads above water. I have a couple of super secret surprises for Bret up my sleeve and I can hardly wait. Although he swear's that he never reads this blog I am not taking any chances. So stay tuned for an update next week on our big V-day weekend (albeit a PG rated version).

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Former Fat Chick said...

so sweet...sure beats our tradition of going to Hooters hahaha!