Losing my mind

So Saturday was spent running errands. We had swim lessons in the morning and then we went to Sam's club, returned a couple of things to Target and Walmart, and got the kids' haircuts. Quite a productive day and when we got home we were all beat and ready for a nap. We had dinner at a friend's house that night so it was a late night as well. I finally got to bed at almost midnight (I know...you know you are getting old when midnight is a late night). Bret was in the living room playing on the computer when I sat up from almost a sound sleep.

Here is my thought process...

"so tired...what a long day...what are we going to have for dinner tomorrow...hmm....we could have chicken taco salad since we bought those frozen chicken breasts from Sam's...hmm...I don't remember putting the groceries away when we got home from Sam's club" Bret did you bring in the groceries from Sam's club?


"No did you?"

Crap. Yep. We bought over $100 in groceries from Sam's Club and completely forgot about them in the car for like 10 hours. Luckily it was pretty cold outside all day and everything was still frozen solid and we were saved. Just goes to show you how your mind is always all over the place and you forget things. I like to tell myself that I would have remembered sooner if it was something important like a kid or something.

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