The Winner is....

Thanks to everyone who participated in my vote for Palmer's birthday party theme. The votes were split evenly after I voted. So... I picked trains. (Don't worry there is always next year for dinosaurs) I choose trains mostly because I found the most awesome train cake pan from Williams Sonoma (no I did not spend $56 on a cake pan, I bought it on ebay instead). So not to spoil the surprise for any of you who will be coming to the party I won't tell all until after the party which is next weekend. Just the main activity which is the reason for the cake pan...the kids will each get their own train car to decorate using frosting bags with fun tips and candy. I got this idea when the kids and I were working on a gingerbread house together. Palmer really liked putting the candy on the house and I think he will enjoy decorating a train too. This weekend I have to pick up all of the last minute supplies like the cups, plates, napkins, etc. It should be a lot of fun.

Speaking of winning....Tova Darling is giving away some very cool jewelry (button pendants) that she made to people who post about her contest. I like everyone else love winning free stuff so check out her site and leave a post about your favorite choice so that you can be entered too!

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