Shed A Tear

Call it that time of the month, winter blues, stress, or just not feeling well. Whatever you call it I have been feeling kind of down lately. Not depressed just a little low. I go through this every now and then and one of the ways that I cope with it is to cry. For some reason I can't just cry for no reason (ok, that is not true sometimes I do) so I like to find a reason to cry that isn't really the reason I am sad about. Lost yet? What I mean is that I feel a little less crazy if I cry because I read a sad book or my favorite saw a sad movie. I have several of these movies that no matter how many times I have seen the movie I. ALWAYS. CRY. Dr. Heskett has even come to recognize these issues about me. (I don't cry with anyone else either...it is something that I do alone). If he sees that any of the movies listed below have been recently watched he knows that I have been feeling blue. Let me tell you that during the first few months after having both of my kids these movies were watched regularly. I feel more normal crying about someone dying or losing a loved one on TV than the milk I spilt.

So I thought I would share some of my all time favorite tear jerker movies and ask is any of you have other movies that get you every time.

10. Big Fish- I know that this is not that sad of a movie but for me I cried (more like sobbed) all the way out to the car after seeing this movie in the theater. The movie hits so close to home and reminds me so much of my father that it breaks my heart. My dad is famous for his crazy stories and I have always felt more like I was lied to rather than entertained. Love Love this movie.

9. Philadelphia- Tom Hanks was stellar and Denzel Washington should have gotten an Oscar...need I say more.

8. What Dreams May Come- The pain that the mom goes through is unbearable. I am not a fan of suicide for her you almost feel relief. I love the fact that he literally goes through hell and back to find her and fight for her. I love the images of what Heaven is like and although I shed a few tears I finish the movie with hope and reassurance.

7. My Girl- Of course the scene where she sees her friend during his funeral is killer. I felt like trying to find the little boys glasses so that he could see. Ever since that movie I have sworn that 1) we would have closed casket funerals and 2) If they worn glasses during their life they would be buried in them

6. Hope Floats- Her heartbreak and her struggles were real to me. I loved her grace and dignity and I loved that her mom was the one to make her fight to pick herself up and dust herself off. The scene in this movie is the one where she goes to visit her dad. He can't remember anything but he remembers her when she was a child. The comfort in his face when he recalls this memory is priceless and her dancing with him tears me up typing about it.

5. Steel Magnolias- I love this movie. It is funny and witty and so sad. I understand Shelby's desire to have a baby. I understand her selfishness in wanting what everyone else has and I understand her mom's wish in having only her daughter. It is a story about family and the commitment you make to supporting them no matter what. I love it when Miranda gets mad and how her friends are just there to bear witness. They can't fix it, they can't make it better, but they can be there.

4. The Passion of Christ- I knew this movie was going to be sad. What I didn't know was that the movie would be so real to me. My favorite scenes in the movie were the ones that were made up but made him seem more human (I love the table scene with his mom). I also felt more pain that I had ever really thought about for his mom. I can't imagine the pain she went through bearing witness to her son.

3. The Notebook- I love this movie and I loved the book (I will do a post on saddest books sometime). I fought for Noah from day one and I loved how he fought for Allie until the end. I told Dr. Heskett that that was the way I wanted it...I wanted us to die in each others arms together when we are both very old.

2. PS I love You- When Dr. Heskett and I were engaged one of the things we talked about was dying. I made him promise that I would die first. I know what a crazy thing to promise but the thought of living without him is so terrifying to me that it is more scary than dying myself. (I also made him promise to go to a psychic if there was a way to you know like John Edward or something...he said that if there was a way...and I NEEDED him to he would..and I believe him) When I saw this movie I saw Dr. Heskett and I. I could see her heal with something to focus on besides that she was alone. I think that because I have two kids to think about I would have something else to focus on but what if I didn't? I love that their love was unconventional and hard and not perfect. Love never is.

1. Beaches- I know that this is probably not the saddest movie on anyone else's list but for me it is my favorite. I have loved this movie FOREVER. I only have it on tape so I haven't watched it forever. I love the little girl in this movie and how she only wants to know if she can bring her cat. The struggle that this mom goes through letting go of her child and the desire to live is tough for even the non-cryer. Gets me every time.

So what is your favorite sad movie? What do you do when you are sad? I wish I could grab a bottle of liquor and dance it out like Grey's but I am not sure it would do it for me.


Angel said...

The Notebook all the way...the first time I watched this movie I was alone and I cried so hard I thought the neighbors would hear me. It was a beautiful story and at the time hit very close to home. I had Matt and his Dad watch it and they both loved it very much.

Dr Zibbs said...

I've been in a funk myself.

Autumn Joy said...

Oh if the Notebook movie made you cry you MUST read his books (so far all of them work well) they will make you cry days later just remembering the plot lines!!!
I feel ya here honey, I too have been a bit down, to the point where I find myself crying over the silliest things (baby commercials on TV anyone?). Mr. Joy has no idea what to do with me at this point, but he does "nothing" pretty well. He wraps his arms around me and just holds me while I cry. And while that doesnt pull me out of my funk, it helps remind me I am not alone.