Palmer James Heskett

Dear Palmer,

Today you are two years old. Where did the time go? You are the best little boy any mom could ever ask for. I love the quirkiness of your ways and how you have always acted like a little old man in a little boy's body. When you do accomplish something you clasp your hands behind your back and roll back on your heals just like your great grandfather did. I love your squishy cheeks and how your eyes light up when something occurs to you, or you figure something out, or when you just think something is funny.

It makes me smile when I see how much you adore your father and follow him around EVERYWHERE. I don't mind answering you 1209854p987 times a day when you ask where he is even though it is always the same....at work. You were an answer to his prayers and the perfect choice to carry on the Heskett legacy. Leonard would be proud.

Even though your sister acts like you drive her crazy she relishes the fact that you worship her. I am comforted to know that she feels safe in your bed with you when she has had a bad dream and that you both think I don't know. I know that she gets you involved in crazy activities that she assures you is OK with mom and dad and otherwise safe. Don't worry someday I am sure that this role will be reserved.

I am always fascinated at how you eat a banana a day and never get bored or tired of it and NEVER want anything else for a snack. I love that 5 out of your first 10 words were some how communicating that you were hungry (snack, hungry, cracker, bite, and food) and that the rest were your family (mommy, daddy, Emily, Palmer) and Please.

Even though your kisses are usually kind of gross (open mouth and snot) I love that you give them out freely. It warms my heart when I am holding you and you wrap your arms around my neck to plant one on me. Your adorable little songs and goofy little dances make us all laugh daily. People think I am crazy for wanting a bunch more kids but I have to say that if I could be sure that they were going to be as good of babies and toddlers as you have been I would have 5 more.

Happy Birthday Palmer,

Love, Mom


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy!

Randi said...

Can't believe he's already two! I remember coming by to see him when he was first home. Too funny about emily's two pairs :). Children bring such joy and laughter!