Trying Something New

So in an effort to try something different and maybe save a little money we are going to have a friend take our Christmas photos this year. As a new mom you make many promises to yourself about how you are going to raise your kids, what traditions you are going to continue/start, rules of life to live by, etc. etc. One of the things that I have committed to myself is getting our family's pictures taken regularly. As with all families, our first born Emily had a million pictures taken (I think we got her pictures done every three months plus major holidays) and then with our second it dwindled. So being the realistic mom that I am I have set up non-negotiable dates to get pictures done. Each child gets their pictures taken on or close to their birthday. On Emily's birthday I also have the two get their pictures together but no solo pictures of Palmer. We get a family picture taken every year at Christmas and the kids together again. I know that Palmer's birthday is just a month later but I have to stick to this plan because it is fair. This way each child has pictures by themselves on their birthdays and together every six months.

Although both kids get their pictures taken at school I usually get the smallest package available or just their class picture for the scrapbook. They are NEVER as good as when I take them to a photographer because they are not smiling, have weird looks on their face, hair is out of place, or they just look awkward. Since Emily was born we have always gone to the same place, Portrait Innovations. (This is not an ad just wanted to let everyone know about a place I really like). They do an OK job. The nice thing is 1) They take a million shots so you can always find at least a couple that you really like 2) They have good backgrounds & props and they use a hand held camera that allows for different poses 3) They print your pictures in less than a 1/2 hour 4) They are reasonably priced and always have a $9.99 package for your favorite shot that has more than enough pictures to give some to family.

So as I mentioned early we are going to have a good friend that is a on the side photographer take some Christmas shots this year. We have our tree all decorated and I am going to wrap a couple of presents and get a poinsettia for our background. We are also going to try and go outside and do some casual shots if the weather cooperates. I have our clothes all picked out and I think it will be fun. IF it works it will save money and most importantly we won't have to go in during this stressful season. One of the things that is not fun at all is that EVERYONE tries to get pictures in during the holidays. Even if you make your appointment at a great time for the kids (ie. 10-11am on a Sat morning after everyone has ate and no one is ready for a nap yet) you most likely have to wait forever because they are always running behind (you can't make every two year old sit and smile and those mom's want a great shot just like I do) and kids are running crazy. Hubs is a patient man but even this starts to stress him out. So the plan is to get shots this weekend see how things turn out and worse case scenario we attempt to make last minute apt at PI which will probably be on a week night at 8pm or something. We shall see!

This was our second Christmas and family picture. Emily was a year and half old.


Angel said...

Remember to send me some pics when you get them. It seems I have a shortage of pics of the kids, so we need to change that!!!

Adriana said...

I need your new address in NC and I will send some in your xmas card. Email it to me...I also have a new phone number to send you. I will call this weekend sometime.