Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You...

I love birthdays. I love birthday parties, cakes, themes, decorations, and of course presents. I am not speaking solely about my birthday. I love the idea of a birthday. This should be your day. At my house my husband jokes that it more like your birthday week sometimes maybe even your birthday month. There is something about the fact that this is your special day and the lifetime of memories that this creates. You should be able to do whatever you want to and get a pass to not do things you don't want to.

We have had some spectacular birthdays in my family. Emily has had a beach party (of course we had a beach ball cake, and sand pails with sunglasses, blowup beach balls, etc for favors), Nemo (cupcakes decorated to look like one giant Nemo and our first pinata), Tinkerbell (fairy costumes for the girls and pirate stuff for the boys, buried treasure in the sand activities, and the most yummy fairy wands made from white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks baked into sugar cookie stars that we frosted and decorated), and last year we had lady bugs (with real live actual lady bugs that got loose everywhere because the bug houses that was our activity were not very well sealed...it was a little crazy). Palmer's first birthday was John Deere tractors and yes he had an actual tractor cake.
Bret is not as crazy about birthdays as I am but he humors me and after ten years of birthdays I am finally starting to convert him (I think he is at least starting to enjoy it and tries to make my birthday special too). He usually just wants to do something simple and since it is HIS day I concede. We usually have dinner with friends, cake, and presents. Last year we went to Atlantic City for the day without the kids and it was a lot of fun and he really enjoyed it. I am getting better at accepting that his idea of a great day is not the same as mine. If this means beer and sports on TV with the guys or a poker party that I am not invited to this is OK too. We always celebrate his birthday a little together later...of course I mean dinner, cake, and presents with the kids. This is a family blog :).

My birthday is always a little tougher because lets face it..I can't throw myself a party every year. Bret usually gets me what I ask for or a couple of standby gifts that are good for last minute occasions (I collect Willow Tree figurines, I love books, candles, and jewelry is always a winner). The cake is always a tricky spot. Most years he buys one but has attempted to make a mix a couple of times. I love Bret because he tries. Even though he has had some real failures he puts himself out there and tries because he loves me. Last year he tried to make breakfast in bed and holy cows I had no idea you could have such a disaster. I am not trying to be mean here. He forgot to defrost the sausage so it was still frozen in the middle and burnt on the outside. He got one pancake from the batch that wasn't completely burnt, and the eggs he tried to scramble in the pan so they were like egg crumbles. In his defense he tried to have the kids help and this is added stress when you are not that sure in the kitchen to begin with. My birthday is always on or around Thanksgiving so the real present is in a simple act he does without complaint every year. We put up the Christmas tree and decorations. Bret hates this and I know it but he knows that I love doing this as a family so we do it as a gift to me.

My best birthday was a couple of years ago when I was very pregnant with Palmer. We went to my parent's house for Thanksgiving and that Friday was my birthday. We shopped Black Friday at 3 am and then had plans to head to KC for the evening. My mom kept the kids and I had been wanting to go to the Melting Pot down by the plaza after/before we walked around and looked at the lights. Bret assured me that we had reservations because I had hinted a long time in advance that I wanted to go there and we would need them. Long story short he never really told me what time our reservations were just that they were later. It wasn't until we had walked around for a while and checked with the restaurant to see if they had any cancellations did I find out that our reservations were not until 11pm. In our "younger" days this would not have been that big of an issue but in my 8 month pregnant state this sucked. He felt horrible and confessed that he had called that Monday thinking that a week was plenty of time not realizing how popular the Friday after Tday would be. In the end we had a wonderful romantic time. The food was great, he got me flowers, and dinner was just us. I also got a nice shiny piece of jewelry that helped to stave off my starvation. Besides it made the night something to laugh about later.

This birthday blog comes b/c today is my fav sister-in-laws bday. Happy birthday Kyla! This month is also both of my mom's bdays. Happy birthday mom & Rosalee!

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