Costume Update

A few posts ago I showed pictures of last year's Halloween. We dressed up as the Oz family and were featured in an online story about homemade costumes on parents.com. I knew that this year was going to be a little crazy because I was back to work full time and because we were spending a week at Disney and part of a week in KS. This seriously cut into my costume sewing time. I thought I would update on the progress since I am sleep deprived and can't think of anything else right now besides how I am going to get them done.

Palmer's costume is done. I need to go to Joann's and pick up some Velcro but for all intent purposes his costume is finished...pause for a moment as I do a silent pat on the back and dance. We only had a few mishaps (who knew that shiny metallic fabric frayed so bad, that a tail would be a huge pain in the butt to try and sew around, and that I measured his crotch to shoulder length a little tight and would need to add fabric) but it is really pretty cute (pictures to come). I was so excited to put it on him and have him wear it and was totally unprepared for his reaction. He hates it. He cried and tried to pull it off and would not calm down enough for me to convince him that it was fun. Trying to blink back the tears and remain calm (I kept saying he is only 2 he doesn't understand hurt feelings) I took the costume off and hung it back up.

After a little space from the situation I realized why I was so surprised that he didn't LOVE the costume. This is Emily's fifth Halloween and she always LOVED her costume. Dress up and accessories were/are her thing. Palmer is not Emily. He doesn't really like hats or sunglasses or anything else that he has to keep on. OK so I re-evaluated things are realized I needed a different approach. So I got out his favorite dinosaur and a mirror. We fought to put the costume back on (tears...not sure whose but they flowed) and once it was on I took the dinosaur and showed him in the mirror that he was a dinosaur and we practiced our ROAR! Success...kind of. Palmer got the fact that he was a dinosaur and didn't tug the costume off anymore. He still wasn't crazy about the hood but I think a couple more nights of pretending to play dinosaur he will be fine for the school and that night. WHEW

Emily's dress is still only half way done. The bodice, sleeves, and collar are complete. Tonight I need to finish the skirt and petulum (funny word for the thing that is around her waist). Emily is Sleeping Beauty and the dress is going to be AWESOME. It has actually not been nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Just a lot of pink material but nothing hard to sew so far. As I was trying the top of the dress on Emily to make sure it was going to fit OK I realized that I didn't have the most important part...her crown or a wand. I had planned to get one at some point (I don't know when I was just putting it off until later) and now I have realized that I am running out of time and I don't know when I am going to get it. It is things like this that remind why I hate nights. Not only is Bret totally not available this week he also doesn't have a car right now b/c it is in the shop. So here is a list of things still waiting to be done:

  • Stop at Joann's for Velcro, a single bias tape, and something called horsehair (??)
  • Run to grocery store for supplies that the kids are signed up for class parties
  • put together Halloween treats for kids' friends/classmates
  • finish sewing Emily's Halloween costume
  • Run to toy store to purchase crown/tiara for Emily
  • Dance class Thursday night for Emily

I saw hubs yesterday for about an hour before he left for work and I could have smacked him. He asked what he and I were going to wear and I had had a chance to put something together yet. Need I say more.

Everything will get done...between lunch hours, 5pm-12am, and getting up early it should be no problem. I plan to sleep a lot this weekend.

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